Looking Forward to 2024!

After an exciting year transporting cyclists and their bikes around Scotland and the north of England, we are looking forward to 2024!

We visited most areas in Scotland last year from our base in Lanarkshire. We travelled a number of times to Ullapool in the north west, Stonehaven in the north east, Dunbar in the south east and Campbeltown & Stranraer in the south west. We also travelled to Newcastle & Carlisle and even visited Heysham to drop off some cyclists who were catching the ferry to the Isle of Man – a first for us.

After the challenges of previous years, it was brilliant to have a year where things were back to normal and we are looking forward to another year of the same. If you are thinking of a cycle trip in 2024 and need you & your bikes transported then please get in touch to see if we can assist!

Enjoy your cycling in 2024!

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